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The jewish museum is open again. We have compiled all the important information for your visit HERE. As we are currently only allowed to allow admission to a limited number of guests at the same time, please contact our service before your visit to reserve a ticket: +49 (0) 4331 440 430,


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The Jewish cemetery in Westerrönfeld

Already a few years after the settlement of the first Jewish families in Rendsburg, a Jewish cemetery was established in 1695. Due to official requirements, it had to be set-up 1.4 km outside the town in Westerrönfeld. However, since the construction of the Kiel Canal during the late 19th century, the direct route from the town to the Jewish cemetery has been blocked.

Over a long period, the Jewish cemetery in Westerrönfeld served the function of a central cemetery for large parts of Schleswig-Holstein. More than 1100 deceased were buried here. Today, some 200 graves can still be recognised and the 140 surviving tombstones are no longer all at their original sites. Funerals are no longer held here. The cemetery is under a preservation order.

If you wish to visit the Jewish cemetery Westerrönfeld, you can make an appointment with the Jewish Museum in Rendsburg. Guided tours can be arranged with the museum.

The Jewish Community in Kiel and the Region e.V is responsible for the administration of the cemetery.

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