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400 years of here and now. Jewish life in Schleswig-Holstein.

“A mentsh is a mentsh” - the light installation by artist Naneci Yurdagül has radiance. Human coexistence is the central theme of the Jewish Museum in Rendsburg against the backdrop of the Shoah (Hebrew for “disaster” or “catastrophe,” another word for Holocaust) and persistent anti-Semitism and racism.

Jewish history is more than just the Holocaust

Jews have lived in what is now Schleswig-Holstein for over 400 years. Compared to other regions, that is a short time. But a lot has happened in that period. We can only show a fraction of this. Here, we tell the story of comparatively recent immigration. About the struggle for equal rights and integration into society. On Jewish life during the Imperial Era and the Weimar Republic. Racist anti-Semitism becomes acceptable in all classes at this time and increases steadily over the years. It becomes increasingly violent and culminates in the persecution, expulsion and murder of Jews during the National Socialist era. What happened after that? After 1945, Schleswig-Holstein is often a stopover before emigrating from Europe. Very few want to stay. From the 1990s onwards, Jews from the countries of the former Soviet Union found a new home here.

Anti-Semitism: Are Jews safe in Schleswig-Holstein?

Germany and Schleswig-Holstein mean home to many Jews today. Nevertheless, cameras, fences and guards surround many Jewish institutions. The first arson attack on a synagogue after 1945 takes place in Lübeck in 1994. Since German reunification in 1990, violence against Jews has increased steadily. In 2019, an anti-Semitic attack in Halle costs the lives of two people. Such acts not only shake the sense of security of those directly affected. Many Jews in Germany are scared by this. We help to recognize current forms of anti-Semitism. We take a stand.

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