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Permanent exhibition

The history of the Jews in Schleswig-Holstein

The Jewish Museum in Rendsburg addresses the history of the Jews in Schleswig-Holstein from the outset of the 16th century until 1945. Here, the regional peculiarity of the so-called tolerance towns (Altona, Glückstadt, Friedrichstadt and Rendsburg) is expanded upon. They were the only towns in which the Jews were allowed to stay and where they had far-reaching citizen’s rights. That only changed after the middle of the 19th century when they received equal legal rights to the other citizens – and could therefore freely select their domicile. One of the focal points of the permanent exhibition is the persecution and murdering of the Jews in Schleswig-Holstein during the NS rule.


Art - from Liebermann to Kogan

The collection at the Jewish Museum in Rendsburg includes works from visual artists who were persecuted during the NS era as Jews. The oldest of them is Max Liebermann (born in 1847). With the sculpted and painted works from Felix Nussbaum, Ludwig Meidner, Joseph Hebroni and Moissey Kogan, further influential artists are shown. Here, a very wide range of persecution destinies and highly differentiated artistic treatment of experiences during the NS era.

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