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Antisemitic and racist stickers from 1880 to today

22.02. - 28.04.2019

We all know them and they are stuck everywhere: on road signs, letter boxes, toilet doors. Small, in-part inconspicuous, but by no means harmless: Stickers, badges and pins, preaching Judeophobia, racism and hatred of minorities. The exhibition “Instigated. Antisemitic and racist stickers from 1880 to today” shows historical and current examples of such small printed matter. 

The history of antisemitism and racism from the end of the 19th century until current times can be recited based on stickers. They transport enemy images, stir up prejudice and in-part call blatantly for persecution and violence. In addition to hatred and agitation, however, resistance and the weapon of irony are also expressed by this means of communication. 

The joint exhibition by the Centre for Antisemitism Research TU Berlin, the Jewish Studies Centre Berlin-Brandenburg and the NS Documentation Centre Munich wishes to open our eyes to pictures, slogans and symbols. It is intended to encourage the discussion of traditional and new manifestation of antisemitism and further misanthropic grudges.

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